Gemini Daily Horoscope for May 12

Your Horoscope for Sunday
Gemini Daily Horoscope |

- Love
- Money
- Health



You’re delighted with the person you have by your side, you feel that you’ve found your soul mate. By delving into their past life you’ll notice a large number of coincidences between you two.

You’ll forget about old feelings you were still having for a former partner at last.

It’s possible that your love for that person will lead you to make drastic decisions, such as moving out of town or leaving certain toxic people behind. Many people will think you’ve gone completely crazy, but maybe because they don’t know what true love is.

You trust that person so much that you don’t rule out asking them to move in with you or even have children.


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If you’re looking for a job you could devote a part of Sunday to checking job offers in newspapers and the internet. Don’t be so ambitious and look for something that will help you make some money, regardless of salaries and conditions.

With time you can ask for something better, but you have to start from the beginning and without so many demands.

There might be a vacancy that might be right for you at the company of one of your friends, but you want to do things on your own, without asking anyone for favours. If you ask for help you know that sooner or later, you’ll have to return the favour.

When you have to buy something, the best thing you can do is compare offers at different stores. It’s worth doing this if you want to spend less money on food.


Gemini, you’re a little down. It doesn’t imply that you’re sick, you just need to get in touch with nature to recover the energy you’ve lost. You’ll experience how rewarding it is to hug a tree or lie on the grass. It’s very simple that you can do close to home.

When preparing your food, you should try using less salt, especially because your legs are suffering the consequence of fluid retention. Experiment with spices such as oregano and parsley to flavour your dishes. You’ll hardly notice the difference.