Gemini Magic Horoscope 6
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Miracles won’t happen in your love life today. In fact, the stars of the Magic Horoscope show a very normal day ahead Gemini.

Only a number of singles will be chosen by the planet Pluto to rise to the top on a passionate flight. However, to get the object of your desire, you’ll have to fight with another person who also covets the same heart as you.

Control your manners if you’ve woken up feeling excessively capricious. Your partner could criticise you harshly or just the opposite, fill the room with a silence that makes you drunk with loneliness.

Don’t try to blackmail them emotionally or you’ll make things even worse, because it could take you to disaster, Gemini.

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Nothing should cause more mistrust than joining a project with people with whom you’re way too familiar.

Knowing your partners too well can generate licenses that should never be there since they exceed ethical and financial limits. They may ask for much more than what they should, based on the fact that you’re friends or even relatives.

That said, the Magic Horoscope highlights a peaceful day regarding your money. You won’t get into new debt and you won’t spend way too much and out of control. You could put fewer things into your shopping cart if you wish, trying to avoid products that aren’t essential.


Your health won’t be good, Gemini. You’ll be a little weakened, probably because of not being very careful in the past.

You won’t have much to worry about since those around you will take care of you and pamper you so that you can feel better soon. Your resilience will be quite strong Gemini.

Try to feed your brain a little more so that it doesn’t rust. Do hobbies such as word puzzles or sudoku, as they’ll be wonderful exercise for your grey matter. In addition, it’ll also allow you to work your memory, so you can’t ask for more.