Gemini Daily Horoscope |



With Saturn and Uranus in your sky as dominant planets, you’ll maintain exemplary fidelity. You’ll only have eyes for your spouse or partner and you’ll even consider ending an adventure that you had with a co-worker or another close person, with whom you’ve been meeting secretly.

Attention: giving your partner more attention doesn’t prevent specific problems, conflicts that may make you too impulsive in love.

If your heart starts beating too fast, it would be better to take the time to think about the consequences of your actions, even before declaring your passion. This goes especially for you, single Gemini.

Don’t be rigid, avoid getting angry if things don’t go well at first or if the person you want to have a date with doesn’t answer your call immediately. There are things that require time.


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You want to be famous (or at least very well known) within your professional sector, but don’t let that possible projection cloud you performance, Gemini.

Don’t forget to compare different approaches to doing things. You have opportunities available to achieve success, but don’t make crazy decisions or commit to the first person to propose some business at work.

Market studies, feasibility plans and competition analysis are essential before committing to any type of project. It’s not being negative, it’s being realistic. You can't waste time or money.


You are very artistic or why not say it, you have the gift of turning the negative into positive, even in matters related to your health.

You’ll calm down perfectly if you get nervous, forging an almost perfect image thanks to your physical state. Sports will drive bad smoke away!

You’ll eliminate your negative emotions in record time through detox training. However, you’ll have to commit to staying on the path you start today, to convert your abs, your glutes and your whole body in general into a body worthy of a magazine cover.