Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Planets have a serious influence on your life. You'll start meeting new people who will open your eyes to reality, and in some way, they'll help you grow up. It's time to do some real work if you don't want to lose one of your closest loved ones.

You're going through a very comfortable stage of your life, especially if you're single. If you live with your partner, you're escaping many responsibilities, but sooner or later you'll have to get a little more involved when it comes to housework.

Don't think that the other person won't ever get tired of your slobbiness.


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You're very fond and protective of some jewels and other items you've got at home, which have great sentimental value for you. However, you're not making the most of them as much as you could.

You might be considering selling them at a decent price, especially if you're going through financial issues. It might not make you rich, but it could help you get rid of some of your debts.

In any case, take your good time to make a choice, because you can't allow your financial distress to be the guide, and sell your items at a lower price than what the market sets them out for.


Geminis, you feel increasingly bloated, and that can come from too many fizzy drinks. When it comes to lunch or thirst, drink water.

Anyway, you're highly committed to doing exercise. You try to follow a daily routine, and that's giving you plenty of benefits. In order to do it, you've reached out to some friends who come out for a training session with you in your laziest days.

Still, even if you train that much, there's no reasons for you to go too far with certain foods which end up being harmful to your health.