Gemini Daily Horoscope for January 13

Your Horoscope for Sunday
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Today you can use the day to rest, but you need to make it sensible: it's a stop in your path that allows you to analyse your feelings, enjoy a nice moment, and reap that harvested happiness thanks to working on your sensitive side.

Having nice details for someone and showing love through actions and words had its rewards, Geminis, and today you're likely to understand that love is a mighty energy that always gives you back what you give it. Today, you'll feel rewarded after a hard effort.

Don't forget to keep up the generosity and devotion that got you here.


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Being more sensitive than usual makes you vulnerable, which is adorable and could give you great rewards emotionally and in your private life. But when it comes to business, it's a dangerous mood because it makes you defenseless and weak.

This Sunday you'll experience losses you'd already seen on Wednesday, which means that your finances are worryingly unstable. The fact that you're not risking bankruptcy doesn't mean you shouldn't pay any more attention than you currently do.

When it comes to finances and business, that innocence of yours that makes you believe life's a bed of roses could be your worst enemy when finding trouble and standing up to it.


Trying to live life to the fullest the way you're doing it is a fine choice, just what you needed to feel alive again. But if you're not careful with it and give your body the energy it requires to keep up, you might eventually experience distress.

Especially today, your current pace could induce fainting or constant dizziness if you don't eat right. Too much smoking and alcohol without eating anything could make you collapse and give you a health scare. Nutrition is the most important area you should keep in mind today.

The joint pain of the previous days will remain, so try exercising to get rid of that crippling pain in a matter of a few days.