Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




You’ll open your heart wide. You feel the need to share your passion and enthusiasm with someone who’s similar to you. You might focus on a person that had gone unnoticed for you up to now, but something they’ve done has made you change your mind about it.

Those who have a partner should be more careful with what they say in front of the person they love. It may be an innocent comment to you, without malice, but they may feel bad when you talk about someone from your past.

Work commitments have made you neglect your closest family for the last few days, so make the most of any break to visit them. They’ll be very grateful that you remember them.


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You’re a bit in need of money, so you’ll do everything you can to get rid of a number of your properties, such as flats or commercial premises. With what you get, Gemini, you can settle a number of debts and also treat yourself to something nice.

You’ll navigate risk situations easily. So you even consider rescuing a business that is bankrupt. With your talent and the help of a partner, you think you’re able to overcome the situation. However, you know that the benefits will come later, but you’re not in a hurry.

Those who have a stable job will succeed in finishing all the tasks they have been assigned by their boss. They’ll have the help of a person of the other sex to do so, who’ll always be willing to collaborate with you.


Don’t you think that you are forgetting things too much lately? If your head fails to remember tasks as before, it’s best to write everything down in a calendar, so that you can check it every so often.

It is true that you’re under a lot of stress and that your head is about to explode. You can’t easily manage all the matters you have on your to-do list.

Whenever possible, you need to avoid meals away from home, mainly because of the desserts, which are usually one of your greatest passions but are a threat to your health.