Gemini Daily Horoscope for June 13

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If you haven’t been able to fall in love for real until now, it’s possible that the stars have prepared something very special for you. At the moment, you can’t close the doors of your heart to anyone. If you receive an invitation to a party or a social event, don’t reject it.

Even your friends will do everything they can for you to meet someone who fits what you’re looking for and they’ll organise a blind date for you.

In the case of those who are already in a stable relationship, they’ll see how everything flows normally, without great news. At some point, the routine might become too much to bear, but it’s normal when you spend so much time with someone.


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You’re expecting to receive some money someone owes you. Even if you’re promised a payment during these next few days, you may have to insist a lot to get it back. There are people who have a hard time complying with what was agreed upon.

Doing a number of procedures will force you to resort to the services of professionals, so be prepared to face a number of expenses you weren’t counting on.

You’re determined to start your own business, especially because you feel stuck in your current job and don’t see progress in terms of salary improvements and conditions. They had promised you a series of promotions that never arrived and that’ll make you feel desperate.


Gemini, you’re immersed in a stage of your life where the only thing that worries you is your well-being. Although it may sound a bit selfish to others, you’re tired of doing things thinking about those around you and not so much about yourself.

Always seeing the same faces when you go out or when you go to work can lead you to make a drastic decision. Why don’t you try moving to another city where nobody knows you? Starting from scratch will mean a mental cleansing that will make you stronger than ever.

No matter how many tips people may give you, remember that you’ll always have the last word and that nobody will change your mind.