Gemini Daily Horoscope for March 13

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You're slightly confused. You don't exactly know what you feel for the person beside you. It looks like your relationship has become a little colder as of lately. There's not as much communication between you, and you're constantly arguing.

And to top it all off, you had a dream about an ex-partner, so your doubts just keep piling up.

Before making any final decision, sit down and give it some thought, assessing the pros and cons of breaking up with your current partner. You should think that this is just temporary, that sooner or later it'll get sorted out.

As you know from experience, sequels are never any good, and it's not the best thing for you to make the same past mistakes.


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You'll accept the proposal from a friend almost without thinking about it. They're offering you to work for them in your time off, and there won't be any need to make great efforts. It'll be money you didn't count on, which will come in very handy to do some shopping.

You do know you'll have to say goodbye to many things in your life for that, but it'll be temporary and won't take much long.

You're at a good time financially, especially because you don't have any expenses ahead of you such as birthdays, trips or sudden malfunctions. Now you're starting to look at prices much more closely when you go shopping for groceries, because you save quite a lot of money by the end of the month.


You feel really lazy about taking up a sport, especially when you have to do it at the end of the day, when work is over.

That way of thinking comes from the day's exhaustion. It's obvious that your body won't respond to any stimuli when you get home. You've been paying attention to work and other personal issues for way too many hours.

Perhaps you might want to try other sports that feel more motivational. Have you considered signing up for yoga or spinning? Get in the hands of an expert to get the right help.