Gemini Magic Horoscope 7
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You wake uploaded with excitement and you want to fully enjoy the benefits a new day. You immediately adopt an appropriate mood in which there’s no lack of good humour, the joy of living, the desire to love and a certain air of improvisation, which will make time fly by.

The stars invite you to do activities with your partner: pack your bags and go on an impromptu trip, you won’t regret it. You could even get back home having ordered a present that will arrive in nine months.

As for singles, outings are also favoured: you may return home with a new partner today. Your heart will beat faster for a lovely person you know.


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There are episodes from the past that you should close forever. Don’t recreate yourself in bad financial times, because analysing things in hindsight is no use, Gemini.

Your emotions come and go right now and you’d sell your soul to the devil in order to have some financial security and thus be able to relax. You’ll be calculating all day, thinking about where you could cut some expenses or how you could settle debts.

You’re very busy with your professional activities, but you feel very supported by a planetary group that’s focused on your cause. However, be careful not to abuse your strength because of stress lurks and imbalances your energies.


You can develop a more objective view of your life, a perception that’s broad enough to appease your biggest health problems.

When you need it, friends or trusted people who’ll guide you and help you find solutions will appear in front of you. You’ll make commitments that benefit everyone without harming anyone.

Act according to the happy feelings you have and try to live better than anyone. Open your heart and mind to the opportunities that are within your reach Gemini.

Contact with animals will come in handy to eliminate certain tensions that you’ve accumulated. If you have the chance, go for a walk in the fields with your dog or go riding.