Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Your emotions play Russian roulette todayand only your heart will get hurt.

So these last days have been peculiar, hard, why not say it, but don't hold on to anything begging for a little love.

The emotional impulse of the Magic Horoscope varies and there will be some good times in the future, but it will be hard to notice. Your focus is more in heaven than on earth and you can fall in love with a platonic form of someone you don't know. For a moment, you might think about leaving everything and following in their footsteps, but you'll lack the courage to do it. Changes make you lose sleep.

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You'll receive good proposals that will help you grow in your career and under other circumstances, you'd say yes with your eyes closed, Gemini.

However, a series of personal conflicts fight inside you since you think it would be disloyal because you have colleagues who have more experience and merits. Are you undermining yourself or is it really your loyalty?

You should think about a number of things with clarity today. However, your natural tendency will be that of procrastinating and you'll defer these obligations even if they are essential in your day to day.


Some Gemini will lose their fear of surgery to undergo a medical intervention that is certainly scary. Do what you can to stop being afraid, since everything will be successful and you'll notice an improvement very soon.

Try to control the quality of your sleep, don't go to bed late at night. Maybe you and your partner have to come to some agreements to spend more quality time together.