Gemini Daily Horoscope |


You should take the time to think about how to face your love story because the Moon accentuates your romantic thinking skills.

If you prefer to wait before committing Gemini, it’s because you feel something inside your chest that tells you that something isn’t going well. Your intuitions are often true, as experience has already shown you, so don’t accelerate.

You want to please and plan a small gift for your partner if you already have a relationship going on. Your kindness touches the heart of your loved one, you notice it without words and this makes you happy. It’s your way of expressing your feelings and your attachment. You act in a subtle but firm way because there’s a lot of seriousness behind your smile.


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You feel fortunate in the sense that you can turn everything you touch into gold, King Midas would envy you because you’ll also do it in a comfortable environment!

You’ll exercise your financial responsibility to obtain autonomy, independence and prosperity. You’re taking a big step forward that will be very inspiring for your disciples (such as children who follow your steps).

The sky encourages you to express your skills and gives you warmth with a series of bold ideas to make your career take off, especially among the natives who are somewhat stuck, without finding employment for months.

You have no difficulty in obtaining a vote of confidence and you do everything you can so that others delegate some of their responsibilities on you.


This month can be very hot in some parts of the planet and many have a tendency to cool off with showers and cold drinks.

However, you could try to lower your body temperature by practising pranayama (a deep breathing technique in yoga), which according to the people who practice it acts a bit like natural air conditioning. It will be much better for your health!

Enjoy life to the fullest and rest in the afternoon. This is how you’ll experience this day in beauty, well-being and joy! Experience an enchanting programme that’s full of good humour that you’ll want to last forever.