Gemini Daily Horoscope for January 14

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Humility towards others will offer you a much more beneficial presence for today, and it'll make you more popular too. If you feel you're being too rigid and stiff with others, try to assume that and make an effort to evolve.

If you portray yourselves as more relaxed, admit to some mistakes, apologise and act nicer, you'll attract highly beneficial individuals, and load up your energy field with good vibrations all the while.

Creating these dynamics will help you live happier and feel more important in your local environment.


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Come down from your pedestal of arrogance, Geminis, and stop looking at people over their shoulder. Have you considered that you might reduce stress at work by delegating some of your assigned tasks? That doesn't mean you're running away from responsibility, or ceasing to trust your potential.

Coming to terms with the fact that you're human and therefore limited is a huge first step to admit that you're not exclusively entitled to success and well-done jobs.

Delegating tasks upon others means trusting their ability to carry out their assigned tasks successfully, no matter how different their methods and perspectives are to our own. Putting off some of your workload and trusting other people's successes make you more intelligent and humble.

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One of the main sources for the stress that's harming your body is the loss of self-control. If your life is full of trouble, you should know that even though you can't control all circumstances around you, you can indeed change your attitude towards some of these events.

And of course, you can definitely evolve and improve the way you face difficulties, in order to reduce your stress and nervousness levels, and to sort out whatever incoming issues you encounter more easily.

Seeing issues in perspective, organising your schedule more tightly, controlling and stopping your impulse to a halt, assuming a more mindful lifesyle, doing breathing control exercises, getting surrounded by kind people and avoiding negative feelings. These are just some of the minor improvements you can carry out from today.