Gemini Daily Horoscope |




You keep insisting on a person from the past when you should actually be moving on and looking for love with someone new that is capable of exciting you like before. 

Search around you and even use social media to meet people. What you can’t do is stay home regretting your bad luck in your love life. 

You might feel some envy because of how well things are going for your friends, who not only enjoy the company of people who love them, but are also considering starting a family and having children, something that you miss. Don’t get overwhelmed Gemini, everything is a matter of time and you’ll be happy again in less time than you think. 


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You’ve decided to change your career. After some time in the same company always doing the same thing, you think you need new incentives.  

That’s why you’ll look for a new project in which you’ll have the possibility of developing all of your talents. Many people will tell you that facing this change now is a bad idea, but it’s never too late to change your life.  

With the money you have been saving in recent times you can treat yourself to something. In any case, you’ll always try to have something in the bank to deal with future unforeseen events that may appear at the least expected time. 



You think you do everything you can to show off a perfect body, but every once in a while, you go overboard with food, especially when you’re with your friends and that shows when you get on the scales. 

Although it seems a bit hard, the ideal thing would be to weigh everything you eat and start exercising more regularly. Walking to work isn’t enough. 

It’s a good time to put an end to certain harmful addictions once and for all, such as smoking after meals or even the beer that you drink with your friends after work. At first, you’ll find it hard, but with time, you’ll appreciate it.