Magical Horoscope 7
Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope



Within your group of friends, there’s a lot of envy and jealousy, so you’ll most likely turn away from them as you’ll consider them very toxic people.

You know you’re a people’s person so you won’t have problems finding new friends, but what really worries you is the happiness of your partner. These last few days you haven’t paid them enough attention because of other things and now you’re willing to make up for lost time.

Gemini who don’t currently have a partner will find flirting easy, especially after burying a number of insecurities that concerned them.

Mercury and Venus will become protectors of your sign, so you’ll find it easier to be intimate with others.


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Claim everything that belongs to you and don’t hold off. You’re tired of having to ask your boss to pay your salary all the time. You’ve done your work and now it’s time for him to compensate you.

No matter how many excuses he gives you, it won’t soften your heart. When it comes to money you don’t have friends or compassion and especially when you know the company is doing increasingly better.

You know from past experience that many people try to take advantage of you, but you aren’t willing to endure more delays and false promises when it comes to work. Now you’ll say enough is enough and you won’t budge until they pay you what you agreed.


The stars invite you to spend this Thursday in a quiet place, without stress and hurries. Go for a drive and get lost in a forest, where fresh air and silence will give you all the energy you need.

It’ll even help you to soothe certain pains you’ve been experiencing for the last few days. You’ll be able to think with a clear mind, shut everything out and nothing will be able to disturb you.

This day of happiness will make you rethink many things and you’ll even think about leaving everything behind to settle down in the countryside and live in a more natural way.