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The atmosphere at home becomes quite tense for no apparent reason. Although you advocate silence, there are loud voices and disputes in the air. It’s a shame since the week had started well, but Magic Horoscope plays with your stress levels and your patience.

Because of the influence that the stars have on your mood, you may feel angry without knowing why Gemini. Don’t give in to the temptation to send everyone around you to hell.

When you calm back down you’d cry when you found out you’ve lost more than you thought you had.

Single Gemini don’t have a simple Monday either: they’ll have difficulties to relax and relieve tension.

If you’re planning a romantic date, prepare your mind and body. Accept your defects, value your virtues, clear your head and smile without worries. If not, you better stay at home watching a show.

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The universe presses you where it hurts the most. Someone could make you pay dearly for some mistakes you make at work today or uncover your activities if you’re in dark and alternative businesses.

Thus, an intense need for freedom leads you to escape, to run away, but try to know where you’re going.

Do you have some savings? The stars ask you this because you could have a setback with your car or a problem at home with expensive pipes or appliances that would only be solved by spending a good amount of money.


Take the opportunity to do what you really want Gemini. Turn your phone off every time you have the chance, run away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

It’s very good to break with your habits from time to time. Make the most of this time to experience pleasant moments doing your hobbies or practising some sport that makes you feel happy.

Personal tastes for extreme sports and adventure stand out, which allow you to feel free or even weightless.