Gemini Daily Horoscope for September 14

Your Horoscope for Saturday
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You managed to find the way despite the fog since your partner blows it away for you. You have to admit, Gemini, that if things are going so well between you, it's not just because of you, they are also responsible (even if you don't always accept it). You realise that your partner is doing everything they can to please you.

Today is also marked in your sky by getting back in touch with people who really affect your feelings. You can see some forgotten love of youth that makes you feel butterflies in your stomach.

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You're watching the progress of your business and you want to have many details under control. You can become obsessed with having everything under control and you won't be able to escape your obligations and enjoy this beautiful Saturday, which is already on the equator of September.

Gemini, try to delegate so that your mind isn't tormented thinking about how your customers are being treated or if all the records are in order.

About your money, you're in danger of being tempted by offers and discounts. Any product that represents savings will become an obsession for you and you won't stop until you buy it.


You really want to get in the kitchen today and create new and tasty dishes. The problem? Your favourites will be cakes and pies, as well as other delicacies that are full of calories, sugars and fats of all kinds.

Avoid temptation and take advantage of your cooking side to experiment with healthier menus that are full of vegetables of different textures and colours that make you happy. You can do it, Gemini!

You're convinced of your physical virtues and this can play tricks on you. If you have glasses it's because your eyesight isn't so good, don't leave them at home because of your vanity. And don't forget your cane, crutch or any other item that helps improve your quality of life.