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Your seductive power will be much stronger thanks to Jupiter's influenceAny goal you have in love will be easy to achieve. Remember that person who was always hard to get or that you didn't have the guts to talk to? Maybe it's time to take the leap.

If you're already seeing someone or even engaged, be a little more open. No matter how comfortable you are with your partner, they need their own time and space every now and then. You can't stop them from seeing their friends or family. Love is also boosted through the absence of special loved ones.

Be more open to listen to your friends when you hear them saying you're a little possessive. It's important for you to also enjoy the company of other people.


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If you're unemployed, you're most likely job-hunting online. You know that, in order to find work in the World Wide Web, you need a good online reputation. That means you should be very careful and choose your words and social network comments wisely. Companies are increasingly attentive to that sort of details before they choose to hire anyone.

Try to project a positive image as often as you can.

Also, because this month is shorter, your expenses will go slightly down. The little money you manage to save up will be highly valuable, especially if your finances are delicate.


Geminis, you have a long day ahead of you, and you feel terrified about disappointing certain people. Even if you try to eat anything, it seems like your stomach won't digest it properly. Your appetite will be completely gone because of how nervous you are.

Once the day's over you'll feel more relaxed, but it'll still take you a while to go back to normal.

You've been out of shape and avoiding exercise for a few days, and you can tell. Going beyond your physical state, your mind needs to get away from some issues that are worrying you, and you can do that through sport.