Gemini Daily Horoscope |




You’re willing to give your intimate relationships a radical turn. You suspect that your partner has tired of always doing the same thing and what they ask of you is new things. At the beginning of the week, therefore, it’ll be an incentive to use sex toys or even experiment with positions unknown to both.

Singles will have to practice their patience, especially since they have a long day ahead. They’ll have to wait until the end of the week to reconnect with the person they like so much.

They’ll use social media and phone calls to keep in touch, but from time to time, they’ll miss a hug or a caress. Don’t be sad in those moments and think of all the good things that are to come.


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You can’t go to the bank thinking that they’re going to grant you the money you need. They’ll be asked for a number of guarantees, such as a certain amount of monthly income, as well as a guarantor who’ll back you in case of not fulfilling your payment obligations.

Sometimes, Gemini, you’re too ambitious and don’t stop to think about the consequences of starting a business. There are many expenses and right now you don’t have those resources.

You have to change your mentality and adopt a more conservative stance, especially if there’s some kind of urgency that forces you to spend money when you least expect it.


Today will be an auspicious day to test your body and fitness. If you miss the last bus, you’ll have to run for a bit, but you might also have to carry a lot of weight to help someone move.

You should sometimes organise your calendar much better, especially because you get carried away by improvisation. You’re very comfortable in that mess, but sometimes you’d like to have everything more under control so as not to go through so much trouble.

When you have stiffness or discomfort due to the effort, you’ll realise that the life you lead is not the healthiest. That will make you rethink many things in terms of your health.