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Sometimes a bad word can be more harmful than many actions. You’ll discover it today when someone from your family or your partner discusses a topic with you and a comment they should have kept for themselves will just blurt out.

Don’t get carried away by impulses and restrain yourself before answering. Avoid stooping to their level. They might want to provoke you, but knowing that person you know that they didn’t mean to be nasty.

Since your sign doesn’t hold grudges, you won’t have any problems in forgiving them when they apologise to you after a few minutes.

You want your relationship to be as before, so for you, it’s forgiven and forgotten. Let them know that this type of behaviour can end up taking its toll in life.


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You are going through a rough financial situation. These burdens can lead you to make hasty decisions. Almost without thinking, you’ll invest your savings in a business that isn’t very promising.

It’ll mean a very important expense for you, especially since you won’t get a return on your investment in the short term and you’ll also have to invest more money in a few weeks.

Be very careful with people who present you with shady business proposals. They want to take advantage of your need for money and you’ll think about it at first, but someone that’s close to you will convince you not to do it. You have to assess all the consequences it can bring.




Despite the fact that the weekend is practically here, a certain obstruction of brain processes can be seen for your sign, Gemini, which will make reasoning more difficult for you. You may do certain tasks without really knowing why.


You probably won’t be very good at making decisions either. You feel it’s hard to find the most appropriate answer to each problem.

Try to make the most of the mornings to exercise. Although your intention is to take care of your body, your mind will also benefit greatly. The distraction and keeping busy will do your mind well.