Gemini Daily Horoscope |




You feel a great need to love and share your love with others Gemini, but the distrust you feel is stronger right now. You don’t dare to commit further in a relationship for fear of failing or because you fear being unfaithful. You prefer to be cautious and go little by little, especially because you’ve had bad experiences with cheating in the past.

Perhaps the time has come to leave those thoughts behind and give them a chance. You might be losing a great person, who isn’t willing to give you more time or more opportunities, because of your conservative thinking

You are sometimes a very methodical person. You like doing everything by the book. However, from time to time, you have to be a little more daring and forget about the rules. Don’t hesitate to do everything your heart asks of you if you can be happier by doing so.


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You are very good at negotiating, but you sometimes allow yourself to be easily convinced by other people. Spending some time thinking about things alone and not being intimidated by people who have more power than you is sometimes a worthwhile exercise.

You have to think about changing your career drastically. You’ve let routine take over your day to day and your body is now asking for an immediate change. Try to do something different, keep studying or to look for another job in a city you’ve never lived in before.

You can’t obsess over the financial problems that others may have right now. Everyone has to pay their own debts, without involving you.


You may experience digestive discomfort due to the lack of control you’ve had lately. You eat at any time of day and you also usually eat out quite often.

Instead of going to restaurants, where the food is loaded with fat and salt, you should try to take a lunch box with homemade food. You’ll at least know what you’re eating.

Nerves can play a trick on you today and that could lead you to get angry with the least suitable person.