Gemini Daily Horoscope for April 16

Your horoscope for Tuesday
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Whatever you do today will have to pass your partner’s filter. They are very aware of every step you take and that makes you uncomfortable.

Right now you feel attracted by novelty and you’ll do everything you can to meet people, something that won’t be pleasant for your partner, who fears they’ll become part of the background for you.

Those who don’t have a partner can change their look without caring about the comments of others. Do you want to dye your hair or get a tattoo? Today will be an auspicious day for it.

You surer than ever that nobody can rule over your heart.

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Gemini, prepare yourself to endure stressful situations at work. Even if you try to stay away from the conflict, you’ll always end up involved in something.

There will be a colleague who’ll provoke you to the maximum so you fall into the trap and react in a negative way and that would play against you. Defend yourself from any criticism but in a polite way, without lowering yourself to the level of others.

Luck will be on your side beyond purely professional things You’ll be able to obtain a great benefit with little money if you gamble. You have to know when to stop of course. When you have obtained a significant amount, stop before it’s too late and you lose everything.


You’ve choked on unpleasant words you haven’t been able to say. You’ll actually hurt yourself from biting your tongue so much. Once you get home, try to distract yourself and don’t think about the unpleasant day you’ve had to go through.

Why don’t you try doing one of the 7 types of yoga? You’ll keep busy and you’ll be able to relax.

Many people around you, aware of your mood, will avoid approaching you for fear of a bad response. You’ll appreciate that they behave like this since the least suitable person has often paid for everyone else’s mistakes and suffered your moodiness.