Gemini Daily Horoscope for August 16

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The stars look at the natives of Gemini with their best intention and therefore you’ll know how to fight against the negative impacts that want to break the shield of your love.

You’ll foresee everything bad that can happen to you today, so it won’t affect you and you’ll dust yourself off very calmly. For you it’s as if everything was perfect. Love, your relationships with friends... you feel tenderness even where others see roughness.

Today will be almost a blessing for singles and lonely hearts who’ll notice a change within their being. Maybe a love story that tortured you has now disappeared and you can be happy with a new travel companion. Go out and look for them!


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You’ll receive news that won’t make you very happy: you’ll have to work twice as hard if you want to meet the deadlines or keep your word.

Everything goes wrong today. Computers stop working without an explanation and your phone won’t stop ringing for a thousand and one reasons.

Modify your schedule according to changing circumstances, but finish what should be finished today.

Improve your general culture, Gemini. Discover more about the world in which you live, the arts, sciences, get out of your comfort zone, break your bubble and enjoy the wonderful world of knowledge, which can help you have very interesting conversations at work meetings.


Contemplate nature to improve your health. That is the simple instructions the stars give you today.

Because this August you won’t see crabs the same way on the rocks. If you imitate this animal, you’ll notice great well-being.

You just have to take big steps to the sides in a half squat position, with your back straight and your hands behind your head: ten to the right, ten to the left, as if it were a dance! It will help you strengthen your thighs and also your buttocks. It’s easy and you can do it anywhere, even at home!