Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



It's obvious that there's something wrong with you and you don't want to share it. You're quite irritable, and anything your partner tells you feels like an attack. Today, you're better off staying away from everyone.

You might act out of resentment sometimes, Geminis. It seems like you can't forget about the pain that some people from your past made you feel, and that's why you want to strike back at them.

By the way, even if you aren't cheating on your partner, you should be more careful about who you socialise with. Don't ever try to hide meet-ups with opposite gender friends.

There's many people talking about you without really knowing who you are, and that could cause a serious strain on your relationship.


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There's someone who owes you quite some money, but you shouldn't feel ashamed about it. Get in touch with them and try to make an agreement. Even if they can't give you all the money back at once, they should at least make small punctual payments.

The alignment of several planets will allow you to enter a very successful period in investments. You'll have the chance to spend your savings at a venue or profitable business.

It'll also be a good day for people working in sales, especially if you can sell your items on the Internet. There'll be many customers thanks to your recent publicity.


You're slightly desperate because you've been having ailments for a while and no one can work out why. However, a close friend will recommend you to try out a new and supposedly life-changing treatment. From the very first minute, you'll see you make great progress in your recovery.

Don't forget to control your impulses. Every time you feel a little nervous, you find shelter and comfort in chocolate, and could eat up a whole bar by yourselves.

To avoid these situations, you should just not buy it again, and you won't have any reasons to fall into temptation.