Gemini Daily Horoscope |




You’re tired of leading a very unstable love life, changing partners every few years. And it’s not your fault, but because you don’t find the right person to give you greater emotional stability. You can’t succeed, even with the best love spells.

Have you contemplated the possibility of starting a relationship with someone who’s older than you? It’ll bring you a maturity that was unknown to you until now.

If you haven’t had much success in love, it may be due to your demands. You always think that you deserve something better, but some of the people who have been part of your life brought you many things that you weren’t able to appreciate.

After an intense weekend, those who have emotional stability enjoy a pleasant day in the company of their partner, without great news.


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After some time at work, you already think of your colleagues as family. That’s why you’ll share a lot of time outside of working hours with them. However, you shouldn’t trust certain new people at work. They’re doomed to end the good vibe that reigns.

The good words that the boss has to say about you can be taken as a compliment, but you shouldn’t start relaxing now. Do everything you can to improve and don’t settle for what you have. There’s always room to grow within the company.

The natives who are in sales will see how their persuasive skills will attract more than one dubious customer. Make the most of this situation to increase the profits of your business.


You spend too much time in the sun and that can affect your skin, especially if you don’t use sunscreen. Don’t be alarmed if you notice any blotch or pimples on your face. They are temporary.

You’ll feel a bit tired during the day today, especially in the early hours. Gemini, you know that a very hectic day awaits ahead, where you’ll have to do a lot of paperwork and wait in lines to talk to officials.

Take a book or a magazine with you so you don’t get bored during the time you wait.