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Don’t worry if they’re late for your date or if something they ask for at a restaurant doesn’t match your tastes. The zodiac makes us different and in disparity we often find happiness.

Gemini, there’s no reason for arguments. On this occasion, you have to let silence give you answers. You’ll find that you have a lot to learn about relationships once again.

It isn’t a question of imposing your views or giving your partner control over the relationship. The only thing that’s important is that you each show yourselves the way you are and that you both respect each other’s points of view.

If you really like that person, you’ll do everything they ask of you.


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You have to be prepared for a new situation that occurs in your life. You might start working with foreign people and that’ll make you have to go on many more trips and you might be asked to learn languages better.

It’ll be a good opportunity to improve your career, but in return, you’ll have to leave many things behind along the way. Forget about spending so much time with your family and get ready to endure stressful periods.

Right now you won’t be aware of all of this since you’re overwhelmed with happiness because your superiors have acknowledged your effort. You’re too blinded by this opportunity that you’re not going to waste.


You feel your hair becoming more fragile, it falls out too easily. You’re suffering the consequences of the enormous tension you endure at work.

You also don’t have enough spare time to lead a more active life. A sedentary lifestyle is the first step to suffering diseases such as cholesterol, obesity, diabetes and even depression.

If you don’t have time to go to the gym, maybe you should consider bringing the gym to your home. Buy a mat and exercise equipment to exercise daily, especially early in the morning, which is when your mind needs it the most. So you start the day with a clear mind.