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At this time of the year, nothing could rekindle the spirit of love more than doing outdoor activities, organising barbecues with the whole family and enjoying beautiful evenings, Gemini.

Pick up the phone today and organise a good evening next weekend, next October or when you can, but let yourself be surrounded by the love of your loved ones.

You can also be daring and sign up for any party, contributing your good mood. This could bring single Gemini many satisfactions (if you don't stumble on your own feet).

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Having money sometimes makes you forget, Gemini, how beautiful it is to do things for yourself.Don't just spend all day hiring services if you have to take care of a sick relative or if you need to repair something at home.

Find time, which is the best currency in this universe and invest it today in giving the walls of your home warmth.

If you work in the financial or accounting industry it'll be particularly effective today. Lunar influences can be very fruitful and surprising.


As the hours go by, your ability to concentrate will decrease, so focus on the most complicated tasks in the morning.

Your energy could also drop, and theMagic Horoscope detects that it could be the result of insufficient hydration. Do you usually drink often, every time you're thirsty? Think that water is your body's fuel! And we're talking about water, not fizzy drinks or processed juices.

For the rest, you won't have much to worry about if you're sensible. The practice of extreme sports and adventure could be a good help to eliminate accumulated stress.