Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The stars of the Magic Horoscope, especially Saturn in a beneficial aspect, will enlighten you and teach you how to experience life as a couple more profoundly. Sometimes you lack complicity and authenticity, and today you’ll make both flows, wrapped in the best tenderness.

Faithfulness will matter to you a lot today as well as loyalty, even if you’ve had open relationships in the past. Today you won’t stop repeating beautiful oaths of attachment to the person you love, which will leave no doubt that your relationship will only end when death separates you in a thousand years.

As a single person, try to take care of yourself more, be flirtatious, since this weekend you can meet someone you find interesting in the most casual way; someone you’ll meet thanks to some lifelong friends. Let things take their course simply, but Cupid finds you with a good predisposition for love.


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You want to outdo yourself and maybe a few small wagers with co-workers feel good.

If you work in a shop, challenge your peers to see who reaches a higher number of sales, or think of other types of exchanges that allow you to develop your potential while having fun. You want to win!

The stars sometimes will try to destabilize you, especially in the afternoon, but you don’t lose sight of your goals. Stay in your positions and maintain a good mood, Gemini.


The balance between body and mind will be your priority this Saturday and you’ll advocate a healthy lifestyle, in which simplicity and good food will predominate.

If you like to express yourself artistically, you will be able to let go of many of the torments that go through your head, although you can also eliminate them through sports, especially contact sports.

Try to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. It’s essential for good energy to flow around you. Don’t wear tight clothes that leave little room for mobility just to look beautiful! Do it for your health.