Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Geminis, you can feel one of your friends constantly sending hints your way. They might be feeling something more than friendship about you, but can't put it into words. Try to have an open conversation and don't shut off the doors of your heart.

You should assess whether you're actually interested in having a steady relationship with that person, especially so because you know that if you broke up, you would also be breaking up with a years-long friend.

Sometimes you might have too many doubts about starting a relationship because of what other people may say. You shouldn't be so worried about the comments that other people could or could not make. The important thing here is for you to be happy.


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You'll have an argument with a workmate today. You might have been biting your tongue for quite a long time, but today you'll burst out. That person will complain about you making more money than they do, and they will accuse you of enjoying a series of privileges that other workmates around the office don't have.

They might not know the full extent of your personal situation, and that's why they dare say those things. Today you're more nervous and restless than usual because you know that, while others are on a break, you have to go to work.

The planets in the Magic Horoscope point out your fighting spirit. Even if you always present yourselves as calm and collected individuals, you've come to realise it's time to stand up for yourselves. No one will ever tread on you again.


You'll reach serenity through several calm activities, such as yoga or pilates. These sorts of exercises will help you improve your flexibility, and while the activity is going on, you'll manage to clear your mind and forget about your recurring disturbances.

It's important for you to get to know your body better. That way, you'll know when to go to the doctor, and if an ailment is actually serious or not.