Gemini Daily Horoscope for January 17

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Geminis, today your soul is a home for the purest of feelings, and you'll feel an irresistible call to share them with people around you. You've got a very positive day ahead of you, and you need to take advantage of it by being as social as you possibly can.

During your day, you might see some misunderstandings, but it's nothing you can't sort out through humility, understanding and honesty. However, it might be a little harder to handle the confusion you'll feel when it comes to being attracted to a friend.

All of that won't stop you from reaching out and offering a helping hand to people around you, trying to exploit those beautiful feelings you've got inside. Today you should surround yourselves with good, kind people who can give you some kind feedback.

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Good luck walks hand in hand with native Geminis these days to bring nice doses of optimism into your life, thus encouraging you to feel happy and trusting. This also implies that you'll have positive thoughts to attract even more good luck, creating a perfect environment.

Business and transactions could be great profit sources for Geminis who are entrepreneurial, lively, energised and unstoppable. Sales will be your strongest feat.

You'll also receive background income from having sold estate, an inheritance, or the earnings of a transaction. Any contract signing or court ruling will fall in favour of Geminis. You've definitely struck gold!


Attention, Geminis! Your back pain might not be related with muscle pain, as you thought. The stars point out there's kidney complications. If you're going through a kidney illness, boost healthy habits, because you might get into a seriously sticky situation. It's time to take care of yourselves.

If you hadn't had any issues with your kidneys so far, then you should undergo an analysis to rule out any possible illnesses. The stars also point out that there might be something going on in your liver.

Celery is a vegetable with powerful diuretic, calming effects, that can soothe down that uncomfortable kidney pain. Try having some celery juice if you feel bad, but remember that those sorts of issues always need medical supervision, in order to find the best treatment for your specific case.