Gemini Daily Horoscope |




You are a little disappointed with your partner, especially because they make plans without counting on you. Today they’ll meet up with friends and won’t tell you until the last second. You feel they don’t appreciate you and you’ll let them know. You think that details like that will end up distancing you.

Gemini singles find it very difficult to meet new people, so they try to take part in new clubs and activities. It’ll be a different way of relating to others, but over time, what starts as a simple friendship can become something else, so take it easy.

Try to go slowly during the beginning of a relationship, without overwhelming the other person with your future plans. Otherwise, they could run away.


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You’re willing to leave your cushy life as an employee in a company to start a personal project. To do this, you’ll try to surround yourself with people you know, with whom you’ve already been in touch in the past and who’ll help you in the process.

It’s always a risk to invest your savings in a new business, but this time you can share the expenses with other partners, which gives you some peace of mind in case the idea doesn’t go well.

You try to look as though you don’t have any financial problems in front of your friends, so you don’t see why you shouldn’t use your credit card every time that you meet up for food or drinks. But the reality is quite different.


You have come to notice how some of your clothes that were perfect for you last year now don’t fit you as well. That means you’ve gained some weight lately.

That will force you to make a decision as soon as possible, which is to go on a diet or buy new clothes and what that means in terms of expenses. If you control what you eat for a couple of weeks you might get back down to your ideal weight.

This very sedentary life that you lead hasn’t helped much either. You spend a lot of time sitting and you barely exercise.Your health isn’t going through its best moment.