Gemini Daily Horoscope |




Don’t let appearances deceive you. That a person dresses a particular way or likes a type of music that’s different to what you like doesn’t make them a strange being. When it comes to your partner, you have to learn to live with the way they are.

Even if their hobbies surprise you, there’s no reason to become estranged. You basically have to be more open and respect the tastes of others.

It may generate some arguments, but the important thing is that you have a certain amount of freedom to do what you like, even separately.

You just have to worry about the person you love so much giving you affection and intimacy. Everything else has to take a back seat.


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Gemini, today you’ll come up with a variety of ideas to improve your work situation. You sometimes sit idly by thinking you won’t get the results you want.

But most likely, out of every 5 things you propose, one of them has many chances of seeing the light.

You don’t look after your savings properly. You think that because you earn a little extra money you can afford to spend more than you should. You’re very wrong with this thought. Stop buying so many things with your phone, it’s very easy to purchase things, but when you receive the invoices you’ll realise the mistake you’ve made.




You don’t have much time to go to the gym, that’s why you’re trying to be as active as possible. Instead of going up to your flat in the lift you’ll use the stairs and you’ll leave the car and go on foot to run errands.

Every time you get hungry mid-morning or mid-afternoon, instead of going to the kitchen and eating biscuits, you’ll opt for fruit. It’ll make you feel satisfied and it’s not so fattening. This has to become a daily routine.

You’ll start to feel lighter and your health will improve.