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You'll find having a crisis in your relationship interesting and it can happen today or it might have already been going on for days (weeks, even months).

Because your daily prediction reflects a great desire to work to be happy in love, repairing what is damaged or broken. Your proposals will be mature, not improvised. You'll review all the points you design over and over again. And you won't think about it twice when it comes to changing what's wrong.

As a single, the stars invite you to maintain a certain order. You may wish to achieve a romantic goal in a hurry and you may end up ruining it.

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You get interesting news regarding your money, Gemini. Your inspiration for your finances adapts perfectly to the current situation.

Your common sense will shine. Today your logic is positive and overwhelming, you'll do things with energy and no one will take away your desire to achieve success despite some negative comments.

Some depend on you to prosper financially, they expect you to do them a favour. Analyse the extent to which you can lend a hand without altering your plans. You can't forget about your obligations so that others do better.


You have the gift of adapting easily and quickly to all situations. You won't mind if it's hot or cold today, theMagic Horoscope says you'll be able to blend in with your surroundings and discover new ways to improve your health.

You'll be enthusiastic and some will find it hard to keep up with you today, but if they do, it'll be a lot of fun!

Take foods that are rich in vitamin A today, to prevent certain eye problems. The lack of this nutrient can cause the cornea to dry out, making it essential to maintain healthy vision and for your eyes (in addition to being good for your skin and bone tissue).

You'll find it in milk, carrots, broccoli or veal, among other products.