Gemini Daily Horoscope |



You'll get rid of the social isolation that had been ambushing you for quite a while. From now on, you'll set yourselves the goal of being part of all events and meet-ups to which you're invited.

You'll break the barriers of shyness once and for all, and start moving around with ease in all sorts of environments. However, this ease at socialising could cause serious trouble with your partner, who will barely get chances to enjoy your company because you'll spend the whole day out of the house.

Unintentionally, you might also be making them jealous. They can't stand the fact that you're always surrounded by new people, and they're afraid of losing you somehow. You'll be so busy all day long, you will barely manage to squeeze some minutes in to give them a call.


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Geminis, use your new friends as a chance to make your contact list better. You'll probably meet someone really interesting, able to give you a business proposal you won't be able to refuse.

It'll be a good way to expand your financial perspectives, especially because you're not so sure about what to do with some savings you've got stashed away in the bank.

Act natural, be yourselves, and don't try to be someone you're not with others. Otherwise, people would feel seriously cheated on, so... don't talk about money too much.


You're a little sad, and that's noticeable on you physically. You go out without having done your hair and with the first thing you find in your wardrobe. It's time to really get yourselves back on track.

Even if you think it's not that important because they're minor issues, you're also dragging around skin problems and hair falling down. This might be coming from a poor diet where you don't fit in vegetables and dairy products.

You might start off the day very energised, but as soon as noon hits in, you'll feel your performance drop. You'll feel almost completely drained, and you'll have to leave many of the things you're doing undone.