Gemini Daily Horoscope |





From love to disappointment there’s just one step. After some time next to a person, you begin to realise they’re not the way they said they were. You’d invested quite a lot in this person, but you’ll end up very disappointed.

Now you have to start again from scratch on your own and you won’t be able to recover the time you’ve spent by their side. Sometimes you trust people too much and end up getting together with the first person you meet.

You’re a little confused because you’d made plans with them and you wanted to have a family. Now you’ll be depressed for a few days, but if you manage to spend time with your loved ones, the damage will be considerably reduced.


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A person that’s very close to you will ask you for a very high amount of money. You won’t be able to satisfy their needs, although you’ll offer to lend them a little less. You can’t afford too many luxuries in your current state.

You manage to pay all your bills with certain struggles and you don’t want to resort to your savings because you know you may need them for something important later on.

In fact, you’re thinking about getting rid of something of certain value that you no longer use regularly, such as a vehicle or a bicycle. The money you get will help you have a bit more cash available.

But be prepared to endure the haggling of potential customers. Let them know that the price is non-negotiable from the beginning.




You can’t be thinking about work all day Gemini. Once you finish your workday and get home, you need to turn your phone off and forget about things at the office. You need to take a break as soon as possible.

Make the most of your spare time to enjoy the company of your family or practice a new sport. You’ll surely find something that motivates you and that you’ve never tried.

Did you know that a contact sport like rugby or karate will help you feel much better? Try a session and you the next day you’ll surely repeat the experience.