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Gemini, you spend the last days of the week yearning for things from the past. You still remember that person who occupied your heart and one day disappeared from your life without giving explanations.

You will even shed a nostalgic tear when listening to a song that reminds you of that person or a more prosperous time in the past.

Instead of hurting you with all this, you have to change the situation and turn those feelings into positive energy. You still have time to fall in love and meet someone who understands you. Magic Horoscope advises you not to give up so fast.

You’re afraid of ending up alone, but there are many more people like you, so you’ll stumble into them along the way.


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You sometimes show yourself as a person who’s too vulnerable. When someone who’s close to you asks you for money, you don’t hesitate and lend it without conditions. That is sometimes somewhat counterproductive, especially because you’ll have to deprive yourself of many things.

At some point, you’ll have to stop spending so much, so start getting used to the idea.

Unexpected arguments will start at home as a result of the budget you have planned for groceries and things you need on a daily basis. It’ll be a tug-of-war, in which the two parties will be forced to give in to put an end to this sterile debate once and for all.

You may contemplate the possibility of moving to a different house. The rent you’re paying at the moment is too high, and you’ll find more affordable prices in other areas near your neighbourhood.


No matter how well and energetic you feel at the beginning of the day, it isn’t a matter of trying to do all the tasks you have to do in a single day. It’s better to spread them out, especially thinking about the weekend, where a few activities await you.

Believe it or not, you’re also vulnerable to fatigue. Each person’s body has limits and must be respected. You shouldn’t compare yourself to other people who look healthier than you and who never seem to get tired.