Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




You feel that your relationship is worn out and you don't know which key is the one you should press to fix everything inside your heart.

You'll have to get closer to your partner, although Magic Horoscope won't give you the best tools to achieve it very easily. You'll have to work a little and be a little strategic.

Maybe you should stop asking yourself questions andjust love without restrictions Gemini. Take off the mask that makes you look like a superhero when you're really full of tenderness.

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This Wednesday will be one of those endless days, Gemini. You'll think that your watch has no battery and that's why its hands aren't spinning as they should.

You'll get more bored than usual at work today. People will be very respectful at least, but you'll feel that some action is missing.

Some natives will have suspicions of some colleagues and they'll even dare to think they're above them. You'll think that they can take your job or that they have options to get a promotion that should belong to you. You don't have to walk around with your axe in your hand, but don't want anyone to take advantage of your hard work.


You feel much better than you have in the last few days. Although the daily prediction also indicates that you may feel somewhat overwhelmed by unforeseen events. You'll be forced to make quick decisions, which will be marked as radical for some, and this will generate stress.

Your fertility today is quite good, so you might consider having more children. Use contraceptive methods if your family planning is over.

Your pragmatic momentum is in full swing and will allow you to balance some aspects of your spiritual awakening. You'll even decide to embrace new challenges.