Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




There seems to be no middle ground with your partner. Everything is either black or white. It’s very complicated for you to give your version of any event because they never seem to believe you.

At times you’d like to become invisible, in order to escape from that person’s nets. You like to be at their side, but there are certain attitudes that are starting to bother you, especially because they’re limiting your freedom.

You have to try to be as clear as possible with everyone because if you change your mind every day nobody will pay attention to you and they’ll tend to forget about you.


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Keep better track of time at the office. You get too easily distracted and time just flies without you being able to keep on track with things. You won’t be able to finish a task your superiors have entrusted you with.

You won’t perform at the same level as other days and someone might have a chat with you about it. Even if you don’t believe it, when you don’t do your tasks well, it ends up having a negative effect on the work of others. There’s a chance that you’re a very valuable person at the company.

You will get to work to get a refund, possibly from the purchase of some plane tickets that you finally managed to cancel. To make it as complicated as possible, you’ll have to give a large amount of information and send many documents. You’ll waste a lot of time on that.


Gemini, when you don’t achieve your diet goals, you tend to blame someone else almost every time, when the problem is actually your lack of willpower.

Today you’ll meet your friends to go out to dinner and end up at a fast food restaurant, something that wasn’t precisely in your plans. It’s not what you should be doing right now. You shouldn’t be eating pizza or burgers because of their high-calorie content.

Try to include things such as pineapple or basil in your diet. This plant, in addition to reducing the feeling of bloating, has special properties regarding money and love.