Gemini Daily Horoscope |



You already know that fairy tales aren’t real, but mere stories that parents tell their children to help them sleep peacefully.

What’s wrong happen? Today you’ll long to experience love like that of those books your parents read you and that made you think that we could all tell the person we love how we felt riding a white horse or that they would even come to look for us and we would be happy for the rest of our lives.

With such thoughts, today you’ll have a rather unpleasant aftertaste. Everything will seem like too little to you and if you have a partner, you’ll wonder if there is something better for you out there.

However, it’s essential that you don’t confuse happiness with joy, right?

Single natives will make impatience the main reason for their headache. That person will answer your calls or messages, don’t worry, Gemini.


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You’ll feel a hypnotic attraction for those select items that are labeled as a luxury. You’ll have unleashed ambition and you’ll be tempted to buy high-end cars or the most expensive jewelry (and unnecessary, however beautiful).

You know what you have to do: resist a bit, even if you have money saved waiting for you to spend it.

In your career, it won’t be the right time to refuse a fight. You can beat your opponents and win the game gloriously without breaking the law. You’ll be all courage and many will be encouraged when they see your fierce attitude.


Don’t fill your calendar with tasks, because your body isn’t fit, especially if you have had too much to eat during the weekend and you now regret it.

Today you’ll have to rest. Drink a tea that helps your body detox and eat boiled or raw vegetables better than fried products.

You’ll also have noticed, Gemini, that your most esoteric side is very developed. So today you’ll use mantics to give your friends advice on how to behave regarding certain situations that torment them. You can also do some rituals to improve your health and well-being