Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




You have no reason to miss the people you loved in the past, especially because your partner brings you everything you need right now. Now it’s your turn to be up to scratch to not disappoint this person.

In a relationship, there are problems sometimes and arguments happen too often, but that’s not a reason to think about a break. Do everything you can to solve the situation and talk to your partner before it’s too late.

You have to think about achieving the emotional stability a relationship like yours requires, especially when you’ve been together for some time or there are children involved.

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Take care of every word you say at work, don’t forget that there are very envious people who would do everything they can to discredit you. Do your tasks as best you can and don’t listen to certain provocations.

Your manager really appreciates you and that can’t change from one day to the next. It’s increasingly difficult to go to work, but it’s clear that you can’t leave at the moment because you need money more than ever.

Gemini, the stars favour you and you’ll have fortune on your side during exams and situations that at first seemed complicated. Meet all the requirements to achieve what you propose.


Summer demands some care you can’t ignore. Just as you take care of your skin applying some cream, you should also do the same with your eyes.

And using sunglasses isn’t enough, you also have to use ones that are approved, that really protect you from the sun rays. Therefore, it’ll always be preferable to buy them at an optician and not in a street market even if they are cheaper.

We already know that you get what you pay for and regarding your health, it isn’t worth risking it. Instead of looking at the frame or the colours, you have to pay more attention to the quality and the guarantee that they provide.