Gemini Daily Horoscope |




Find the balance between love and friendship. They’re fully compatible and in the end, it’s just a matter of finding time for each of them. You’ll make a serious mistake if you decide to leave your lifelong friends aside to devote all the free time to your partner.

You’ll fight an inner battle since your mind tells you to abandon certain people who do you no good. They are acquaintances who recently came into your life and who are moved by interest.

Gemini natives without a partner can conquer the person they want to. However, you won’t find your soul mate among all the available options. It’ll be a disappointment for you.


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When starting a business, you should make sure you comply with the law. Otherwise, you would be condemned to receiving a fine or worse.

Believe it or not, undertaking a project with a person who’s totally different to you can be very enriching for your career. The way they think that’s so different to you can open many doors.

If you have a business or a shop, you should start to be aware of and improve your image on the Internet. That’s why it’s essential that you be more friendly with your customers and that you try to help them as much as possible. All this will show in social media and search engines and will be very positive publicity for you.


You might love animals, but today it would be best if you stayed away from them, regardless of the species.

Your immune system is a bit weak at the moment and the chances of suffering an allergic reaction are very high. You have to prevent things before ending up with any health problem.  

If you feel that you’ve had way too many sweets and sugar in the last few days, perhaps it would be a good time to cleanseyour body and remove all that type of food from your diet. Throw out the muffins, cookies and chocolate bars you have in the cupboard and replace them with nuts and natural dairy products.