Gemini Daily Horoscope |



As someone really special comes back to your life, there can be much bliss, but also a new source of instability. Mixed feelings will find a home within to take you into a spiral of emotions that you won't quite know how to process.

Deep down, it's a special gift for the start of 2019 that will make you believe in friendship again, thus giving a hopeful kickstart to your socialising.

Break your self-imposed limits and devote yourselves to your friends in heart and soul.

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Going back to work and your usual duties slowly brings you back into a spiral of activity and movement which might give you too aggressive a shock after a few relaxing days. Learning to control your timing and appeasing your current situation might help you feel calmer.

Despite it all, the stars foresee that you'll have a calm day, although your mind will be slightly clouded. Don't force yourselves too much, Geminis, and start entering your work dynamics without being too harsh on yourselves. Going back to work could be, on the other hand, a chance to socialise.

You might get more offers from small jobs that make you feel doubtful, because even if it means getting extra income, it also demands you to be more committed and hardworking. Just for now, you're better off going at your current pace, and doing things the right way, before adding up more tasks to your list.


Tension issues could become a real ailment if you don't become more careful and disciplined at taking certain measures to avoid imbalance. A high tension peak could be seriously fatal. And you're almost out of the track!

Reducing your salt intake, eating healthier, boosting Omega 3 in your meals and resting more and better will help you recover from the excess of the holidays, which demand you to quickly come back to regular life to find harmony and balance.

Under a general scope, considering other things, Geminis, you'll have a nice day with no incidents and little stress, the best environment to boost some areas of your health in prevision of improvement and evolution.