Gemini Daily Horoscope for June 2

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Sit down with your partner and don’t pretend that everything is going great when you know that it isn’t really like that. If there’s something about them that you don’t like, it’s best that you tell them once and for all and don’t lie to them.

The beginnings of a relationship are always exciting, but after a time of coexistence, the way you think will change completely. Do something to recover the lost passion.

Older people will look to you for love and consolation, they know that you always have something nice to say to everyone and you never refuse to lend a hand. You surely don’t forget about them as others do.


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Don’t try to change jobs because a coworker gets fired. The company is going through a downsizing period, but you aren’t among the people who will have to leave. Your experience and your good work when doing your tasks are very valuable to the company.

If you don’t have a job, you may receive a very interesting proposal from an acquaintance. You will accept it without thinking about it twice, especially because you need the money and because you have the recommendation of a friend. In any case, there are rituals to find work that would be of great value.

You know that money doesn’t grow on trees and no one will give you money in exchange for nothing, that’s why you start to value it much more. Once you become independent and live on your own, you’ll have to assume more responsibilities, since you don’t have the safety net that your relatives offered you.


Gemini, your health, in general, is good, you transmit confidence and strength at home. You manage to cheer the most pessimistic people up with your cheerful attitude.

Forgetting about your food routines right now can lead to stomach problems, so be careful with that. Try to eat healthily every day and if you have to eat out at some point, there’s no reason for you to skip your diet.

Changes in temperature can be harmful to you, especially if you go out at night without a jacket. Don’t relax too much, no matter how much temperatures rise.