Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



It'll be quite a satisfying day emotionally speaking. Along with your partner, you'll explore new areas and territories that were completely unknown to you up to now.

You believe it's time to end the dread and monotony that chased bliss away from your relationship. From now on, you'll be willing to try anything that involves new things and risks.

At the beginning you might be a little reluctant, but seeing your partner getting deeply involved you'll change your mind. Don't get overwhelmed thinking that it might bring you relationship issues. It'll be quite the opposite, because you'll learn to know each other a little better.

All of these new introductions in your relationship will also contribute to improve your sex life.


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You're anxious about finding a magical remedy to multiply money. It's obvious you're truly ambitious and can't settle for what you've already got.

Even if you're on top of a great mountain, you'll still try to climb a little further because you don't see any limits on the horizon of your growth.

There'll be lots of envy around you, because your latest performances haven't been your workmates' cup of tea, who see you as a rival. Get away from those kinds of people, all they'll do is throw sticks and stones against the bones of your professional progress. You don't want anyone abusing your efforts either.


Geminis, get ready to catch a seriously severe cold. It'll probably get very, very hard to get up from bed, and you'll feel exhausted throughout the whole day.

You know you don't need to see a doctor, because ultimately, with some syrup and plenty of warmth you'll manage to recover. You'll have to completely alter your routine, because you won't be able to go to the gym or meet friends.

You'll even lose your appetite and go to bed without having had dinner. All you want is to be at peace with no one breaking your quietness.