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Your partner seems idyllic and you don’t feel like scratching the surface because everything seems right to you as it is, everything is in its place.

You advocate for peace and calm and if there are secrets, you’ll talk about them another day and privately because nobody has to know about your problems.

If you’re in the process of getting a divorce because you and your partner don’t love each other anymore, try not to get the children or other relatives involved. Your attitude today tends to spite, as the stars reveal, and this can be very harmful, both for you on an individual level, as well as for your whole family in general.


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Try to check your phone since you’ll receive a very important call. It won’t change your life, but it’ll make some aspects of your more short term finances easier Gemini.

You can’t help but spend money in a reckless way. You buy more things than what you really need, especially leisure things. Don’t buy any more book today or video games, for that matter, if you have some you haven’t read or played yet.

Be a little more careful with your belongings, you are running around all day and you might end up forgetting your backpack or laptop on the bus. Remember that your head is more than just a hat rack!


Your rest is interrupted at night by some respiratory problems (the most common are snoring). If you find that you wake up more tired than you should, you should call your doctor to assess your case Gemini.

Your muscles aren’t as strong as you’d like today, so don’t try to show off at the gym today or you might get injured.

Regarding everything else, the day will develop happily and without frights. If your mood isn’t very good, don’t worry, you’ll be infected by other more optimistic people around you.