Gemini Daily Horoscope for September 2

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You’ll have to defend the person you love, who’s a bit of a warrior today and could destroy relationships with friends or could cause a schism at home between parents and children or between siblings.

Your role as a mediator will certainly be complicated, but don’t stop supporting your partner, because they’re not feeling well (although they prefer not to talk about it, perhaps so you don’t worry).

Your love life seems solid if you’re single, although you prefer to walk through life with caution and you’ll be careful not to open your heart too much because the intentions of your current suitor worry you and the feeling you have is that luck isn’t necessarily of your side.


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To help your accounts, think about looking for a new job or change the one you have for one with more zeros on your paycheck at the end of the month, Gemini.

Urgency may reward many natives today regarding all kinds of unforeseen events, but knocking on the door of a lender isn’t a viable solution, as you’ll have to pay high interest. A better option would be to pawn your jewels, which you’ll recover when life is going a little better (this situation won’t last a thousand years).

You should never shit where you eat: avoid the temptation to talk ill of former bosses or current customers who you don’t really get along with. Be cautious, the stars of the Magic Horoscope have warned you.


You’ll be better off if you’re fighting certain microbes or bacteria that are making you feel under the weather. You should also keep an eye on hypertension and cholesterol to stop them from becoming your worst enemies. Reduce the amount of salt in your dishes and don’t drink so much coffee today!

Those who have chronic diseases will have enormous courage to face their problems and although you’re suffering inside, you can lead a life in which few will notice what’s happening to you. Show your claws, let the powerful animal inside your spirit out!