Gemini Daily Horoscope |



You're afraid of your partner cheating on you with someone else. It's actually just your imagination. You dreamed about being cheated on and you think that could be translated into reality.

You shouldn't worry about that, but you definitely need an attitude change. This somehow proves how low your self-esteem is, and how little you trust your partner.

They've never given you any reasons to be mistrusting of them, and if they have friends, you need to admit it and be okay with it. They can't spend all day around with you.


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You've recently started up a business, and for now, things are going just great. You've had to invest lots of money and time into it.

Instead of resting your day away and letting others run your business, you're already thinking of taking up a new project. You know that a business' finances can go down the drain at any given moment, and you'd like to have a wildcard at the ready for the future.

That's why you'll be working together with an acquaintance who has great skills at negotiating. You're not looking for ways to be a millionaire; all you want is to have a comfortable life and to get yourselves a treat from time to time.


Geminis, you spend a long time doing exercise every day, but as soon as you get home you start bingeing, and that makes it very hard to lose your excess weight.

The sport you're doing, if you manage to avoid being obsessed about it, will allow you to get away from certain issues that keep you up at night. Therefore, you'll manage to sleep much better. Now, you're more concerned about your health after going through a rough patch.

Whenever you can, you'll try to avoid pills and medications in general, because you'd rather resort to natural remedies, such as teas or herbal preparations.