Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Geminis, your family relationships are going through a sweet stage that could be an escape route away from troubles with your friends and partner. The frustration you feel after your disappointment about your friends and partnered life sees your family as a warm, cozy home.

As far as personal relationships are concerned, you've been impacted by a sort of sadness that blocks off your funnier side, although it also boosts your most sensitive, human side.

And regarding your romantic relationship, today you should give up on arrogance and give in to generosity and humility, which will keep you closer than ever to your partner. Today's a day for connections and honesty.

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Even though this Sunday is slightly discouraging as far as your finances and investments are concerned, Geminis, you should keep yourselves courageous and strong to overcome your situation. Now's your time to prove you can get rid of the slightest traces of doubt.

Doubting makes you vulnerable, and since things have become tougher, you need to give up all mildness in order to evolve into a more powerful and ambitious attitude.

Right now, your main goal is to set priorities, reduce risks and face your businesses with as much ambition as you can. Geminis, this Sunday your aggressiveness will be rewarded in gambling, transactions, sales, and general business.


The weekend is still very calm thanks to the balance you've created between your mind, body and spirit, although your current energy investment in financial activities can take a toll. You need to try and stay calm at all costs.

This Sunday, you could go on a getaway and go to a relaxation and massage resort, preferably a spa, because the stars predict that water treatments will work wonders. Water will revitalise your body, something that you desperately need.

Give yourselves in to the pleasure of relaxation, leave your mind blank and let water work. Your muscles will relax, your bones will get stronger, and your spirit will soften thanks to a noticeable feeling of wellness.