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Magic Horoscope gives you its blessing so you can try your fortune in love. After a period of many frustrations, you believe that the time has come to go back to the market, to party and meet new people.

Right now you want to take things slowly, letting yourself get carried away by time. You’ll flee in terror of all those who talk to you about marriage or children on the first date.

Married people will be able to carry out all the proposals that interest them so much and that they hadn’t told their partner about up to now for fear of reaction.

A harmonious life awaits you with your partner, where sweetness will take hold of you. The tensions that used to be very frequent in your relationship will end up evaporating magically.


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Today you’ll see how all the plans you had planned at work can’t be carried out. A last minute assignment or a visit to a client will disrupt your schedules and projects.

You’ll have to adapt to the contingencies that arise in a circumstantial way. Although they aren’t to your liking, they are events that have nothing to do with you that you can’t control.

With so much hustle and bustle, your day may pass really quickly and when you realise it, it’ll be time to go home. You have to look at the bright side. You’ll be so entertained that you’ll hardly remember all your personal problems.

You’ll be very good at buying gifts Gemini, especially birthday or wedding presents. In principle, you’ll spend less than you expected.


Better alone than in bad company?When it comes to sports and fighting laziness it’s always preferable to have the company of a friend, who will be in charge of getting you out of bed to train and ‘drag’ you to the gym.

Surely you find someone in your group of friends who’s willing to take on a challenge with you, either to lose a few extra pounds or simply to get fit for health reasons.

At first, everything will be very hard, but when you finish the training you’ll achieve a degree of satisfaction that will motivate you for the next day.