Gemini Daily Horoscope for June 20

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- Love
- Money
- Health


There are certain details of your intimate life that you should keep to yourself. Sometimes you like to show off your romantic feats, regardless of the damage you can do to other people.

When you drink a little your tongue is loosened and you talk more than you should. You won’t notice it until the next day when your comments have reached your partner’s ears.

You’ll make a serious mistake if you exaggerate so much because even if it turns out to be true, nobody will end up believing you. That can damage your credibility for the future.

If you want to have children, one of the two of you might have to stop working and to leave certain goals they had for another time.

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State your arguments in an organised manner and with clarity in a meeting you’ll have with superiors. As they may not be aware of the company’s current state, you’ll have to update them and explain everything detail.

You start to realise that you assume a responsibility that doesn’t really correspond to you, especially because the salary and working conditions aren’t at the same level. Why don’t you dare to request a salary increase? It’s about time they do the right thing with you.

You’re willing to make many sacrifices to save. You’ll spend only on what you consider is essential, suppressing certain services such as paying for extra television or the Internet. You can make the most of the WiFi at cafés or at the library. You’ll be glad at the end of the month when you don’t have to pay for it.


It’s great that you love reading, especially if it’s about health issues. But don’t do it because you notice you have pains or some discomfort. Gemini, all the knowledge you can acquire now will be of great help for the future, since you’ll have better tools to face the problems with more determination.

Of course, as much as you may read, visits to the doctor should be frequent, especially for blood tests and to control cholesterol levels. You’re increasingly aware of how important it is to take care of your health.