Gemini Daily Horoscope |




Thanks to the combined influence of Mercury and Venus, you’ll experience special moments with your spouse or partner. Some of them will be very funny, almost typical of a romantic comedy.

You know what? Don’t settle for easy things, just strengthening your ties of complicity with the person you share your life with isn’t enough. Go one step further with courage, you’ll get a couple of tickets to enter the paradise of pleasure.

As a single native, you’ll be excessively inclined to step on the accelerator pedal after anything that moves. Rushing isn’t good and you can end up being in love with several people at the same time and it will all be headed for failure, however easygoing you say you are.

Love isn’t a trophy you win by aiming at the centre of a target, it’s a feeling that has to be worked on day by day.

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You’ll have a lot of responsibility. You’ll have to take care of all the outstanding obligations regarding your family’s finances, whether they are bills, taxes or anything else. It’ll be you who organises the hundreds of documents and sheds some light on the accounts.

There are excellent prospects within your career today and some changes that were already announced are beginning to become effective. Accept them with grace instead of complaining and saying that everything was better before. Get out of your comfort zone, tear it apart, it just anchors you!

You’ll also exercise your intelligence to adapt to the new reality.


You’ll probably feel overwhelmed, pressed everywhere. Do only what you can, without forgetting to relax to find your inner harmony.

Working some aspects of your body is a great idea, as long as you don’t abandon your health or take unnecessary risks. Some tasks may exceed your skills and require the assistance of professionals, for example, dying your hair.

To quench your thirst, nothing will be better than water: don’t let yourself be coaxed by “natural” drinks that promise to improve your skin, regulate your body or make your hair softer and brighter. Don’t bite the hook, Gemini!